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Artificial Academy HF Patch

Uploaded by Inquisitor - 06-12-2011
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This patch installs the official Privilege Disk and AAXPlay 20110706 patch/addon, English interface translation and launchers, full story translation, full uncensor as well as animation improvements.

Artificial Academy HF Patch version 4.0 includes:

This would not be possible without AAMake2Decrypt by Alamar

AA Translation Team
  • Creator: DesmondHume (The man that started everything and got the project rolling. 'Nuff said.)
  • Producer: vidocq (Who has kept everything going, and continually released updates and bringing people back to the project.)
  • Head Translator: Snoopy (Who has read through at least 80% of the text in this project as a part of his job as Translator, and this task would have never been completed without his efforts.)
  • Editor: AAaronAnonymous (I don't think the term proofreader applies any more after the amount of spelling checks, re-writes, and the organization of the Final Check page.)
  • Additional contributors: A to da G, Acrnx, Geshtar, Milfeulle, nachttod, syberz, FairRy, Lomonia, woeiwoe, DIJesse, NPC777, Rikto

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  • FutaBoy's stocking mod is not compatible with this patch. You should uninstall the mod before running the patch.
  • Patching decrypts large files and temporarily needs at least 2 GB free to install all options. This space will be freed when the patching is complete.
  • Patching might take several minutes if you install the recommended options. Go get a fresh cup of coffee or a beer and hang in there!

Having problems?
  1. Read the Artificial Academy Technical Help wiki!
  2. Read/search the Artificial Academy discussion!
  3. PM me

This patch will be updated if there are updates to any of the included mods or if other essential mods are released.

Version history
4.0, 2012.09.11: Add edited story by SaotomeRanma, add romanized default chars and save, add JGSaveEditor and positions images, add AAHarem and AAXHarem
3.7, 2012.07.17: Significantly improve feedback during patching. Add files in use feature to ensure that the game isn't running when patching.
3.6, 2012.07.17: Update AAEdit launcher to 1.26.
3.5, 2012.02.16: Update story to v1.0 FINAL
3.4, 2012.02.14: Update story to v0.99
3.3, 2012.02.05: Update story to 2012-feb-03, update AAEdit to 1.25
3.2, 2011.12.24: Updated story to dec-23.
3.1, 2011.12.06: Updated story to 2011-dec-05, update AAedit launcher to 1.2
3.0, 2011.11.11: Updated 3D Girl uncensor, added alternative girl uncensor and made it possible to install separate uncensor for each girl height. Removed the separate map option. Added No Strips mod and updated story to 2011-Nov-03.
2.1, 2011.10.25: Update animation mod to 0.2 (uses AAJchUnitJuggler), remove mhughet's alternative male uncensor and associated animations because they're not AAJchUnitJuggler compatible. Update story to 2011.09.03.
2.0, 2011.08.27: First public version with animation improvements. Include Animation Improvements 20110827, include new optional male uncensor Uncensored Male Dick 20110625 and Animation Improvements and Changes (mostly anal) which works with it. Update story to 2011-Aug-24
1.4, 2011.08.21: Update story to 2011-Aug-13, update Uncensored Penis to v2.
1.3, 2011.08.01: Update story to 2011-Jul-22, various improvements to ensure game is installed, improve install of AAXPlay (do not overwrite newer cheat.ini).
1.2, 2011.07.24: Update story to 2011-Jul-22, various improvements to ensure game is installed.
1.1, 2011.07.20: Update story to 20110720, update AAEdit to 1.11, update wizzard to
1.0, 2011.07.16: Add completely translated AAXPlay and AAPlay launchers (includes locations), update story to 20110715.
0.9.1, 2011.07.14: Update AAXPlay patch to 20110706, update UI to 1.28, separate Map translation, update story to 20110714, update AAPlay/AAXPlay, remove Adjustment patch (obsoleted by AAXPlay).
0.9, 2011.07.05: Add Illusion PD, update AAXPlay to 20110701, add UI translation 1.27, remove map and help screen (no longer needed), add Romanized names translation, add English AAPlay and AAXPlay by Arcnx, update story to 20110705, add Wizzard
0.8, 2010.07.02: Add Uncensored Penis, update story
0.7, 2001.06.29: Add AAXplay 1.1 and AAXPlay translated launcher, added Girl 3D Uncensored Vagina (nubby/fleshy) by FutaBoy, update story
0.6, 2001.06.25: Update story to 20110625, include New Dick Uncensor.
0.5.3, 2011.06.21: Remove Windowed Fullscreen mod due to bug reports
0.5.2, 2011.06.19: Remove simple girl uncensor due to bug reports, update story to 20110618
0.5.1, 2011.06.18: Update male uncensor to new fixed version. Minor corrections.
0.5, 2011.06.17: Updated UI to 1.2, add Fleshy Dildo, Simple Girl Uncensor, Uncensored Male Dick and Windowed Fullscreen. Improve Maker detection feedback.
0.4, 2011.06.15: Updated UI to 1.1, remove thought bubbles, add full demosaic
0.3, 2011.06.14: Updated UI to 0.9, add thought bubbles, map translation and story translation (Google)
0.2, 2011.06.13: Include interface translation by Pariah23, update Play launcher to 1.00, add Maker launcher 1.0A, add Maker demosaic
0.1, 2011.06.12: Initial version





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Thanks dude
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Just what i waited for^^ I wanted to tell you thanks for everybody who plays this game with the translation patches as there are people who got no clue how to do things like that ( by people i mean me^^) Thank you for everything.
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Thanks for your work, guys ^^
Long life to the HF Comunity!
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can some one upload this file to megaupload or somethings because i can't download it with my IDM