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Custom Maid 3D HF Patch

Uploaded by Inquisitor - 03-01-2011
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This patch installs English interface translation and partial story translation, full uncensor and other essential mods made by the modders from HF, UV and elsewhere.

Custom Maid 3D HF Patch version 2.1 includes:

  • All Free DLC (plugins) released by KISS


  • Custom Maid 3D Ultimate Uncensor R7 by Menelol et al (read the release post for full credits) Updated!
    Girl uncensor choices:
    • Heroine 1(high heels alternatively)
    • Heroine 1 V3D (high heels alternatively)
    • Heroine 2 (high heels alternatively)
    • Heroine 3 - Superheroine (high heels alternatively)
    • Heroine 4 (high heels alternatively)
    • Heroine 5 (high heels alternatively)
    • Heroine 5 V3D (high heels alternatively)
    Male uncensor choices:
    • Semi-transparent with enhanced textures
    • Standard Guy
    • Black Guy
    • Otaku
    • Bald Guy
    • Demon
    • Winged Demon
    • Horse
    • Samurai
    • Simple Guy
    • Daru - Steins;Gate
    Penis uncensor choices:
    • Cartoon
    • Demon
    • Alternative Demon
    • Alternative Demon - Cloudy
    • Alternative Demon - Cloudy 2
    • Normal
    • Alternative Normal - Silicon
    • Alternative Normal
    • Alternative Cartoon
    • Realistic

Body Addons

Skin Tone

This patch would not be possible without VAC Manager v0.5a (injector) by Menelol

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  • Version 1.54 (BugBug) is required to successfully use this patch. (it's perfectly safe to use the patch for other versions - just don't install/use the included launcher)

  • Some of the included girl uncensors include plugins that will be installed by the patch if you select it. Those plugins will not be uninstalled by the patch if you install another girl uncensor. You clean up your GameData\Plugins if you find that you have plugins that you don't need.
  • The story translation takes precedence over the machine translation, so you can safely install both to get the best translations currently available.
  • Patching temporarily needs at least 1 GB free to install all options.
  • If you install the recommended options, patching might take several minutes. Go get a fresh cup of of coffee or a beer and hang in there!

Known Issues
  • If you experience an error during patching, try running the patch as administrator.
  • If you installed the Heroine 4 female uncensor YOU MUST select the vagina type. If you fail to do so she will just have a large recess instead of a pubic area.

Having problems?
  1. Install the patch with the recommended options.
  2. Install the patch on a clean installed game.
  3. Read the Custom Maid 3D Technical Help wiki!
  4. Read/search the Custom Maid 3D discussion!
  5. PM me

This patch will be updated if there are updates to any of the included mods or if other essential mods are released.

Version history
2.1, 2015.07.28: Update translations to R8, update uncensor to R7.
2.0, 2015.04.30: Update translations to R7.2 and add a bunch of plugin translations, update uncensor to R6.2 and add a ton of options, Add Skin Tone (from R.6.2), add translate save game feature (use CM3D_Skills_Converter v0.1a. Use VAC Manager 0.5a.
1.1.1, 2015.04.27: Not a public release.
1.1, 2015.04.26: Not a public release.
1.0, 2015.01.04: This a HUGE update using VAC Manager (injector) 0.4 instead of CM3DExtractor which required a major redesign and new code. Issues with CM3DExtractor was the reason this patch never reached 1.0. Changes: Add official DLC, update English translations to 6.1, update uncensor to 4.1, add Body Addons (skins), remove Maid Tuner (because of reported issues), remove conversation tips (because of it being obsolete), several improvements to the patch code, add improved credits/special thanks to integrated readme's.
0.9.35-0.9.42, 2015.01.04: Beta releases tested by Menelol (thanks!)
0.9.34, 2014.10.07: Update included launchers to translated versions, add translations of plugins cs_plg_026.vac, cs_plg_027.vac, cs_plg_028.vac, cs_plg_029.vac, cs_plg_040.vac, cs_plg_041.vac
0.9.33, 2014.10.05: Update translations to R5.1, update uncensor to R3.1, add VR launcher.
0.9.32: Not a public release
0.9.31: 2014.05.28: Update launcher to 1.48
0.9.30: Add support for 1.47. Update translations to R4.1, uncensor to 2.1 (mostly).
0.9.29: Add Custom Maid 3D Ultimate Uncensor (Release 1) and a bunch of options.
0.9.28: Add support for 1.46 by adding CM3D_English_Translation-Menelol_(R3.2). Remove Prologue Refined Translation by Sh4dowRunn3r, Personality A (Imouto) Story Translation by rebelgamer", Property and Alias Translation by xxdevaxx, Partial Personality B (spoiled) Story Translation by The Prince of Darkness, Partial Story Translations 0.3 by JJX, Hinaloth, hotdog22, genobee. Use lzma2/ultra64 compression, add faq link, improve applocale support, some code cleanup. 95,288 downloads before this release.
0.9.27, 2013.01.16: Clean up male uncensor code to 100% match Kemodin's 1.3d release. Update MaidTuner to 1.5.1
0.9.26, 2013.01.11: Add Custom Maid 3D English UI 1.31_NP12 (continued) by Kemodin FIXED and improved by genobee, remove fat customer (RAPELAY) because of bugs
0.9.25: Not released
0.9.24, 2012.10.11: Update UI to 1.31
0.9.23, 2012.19.08: Update UI to 1.28_NP12, launcher to 1.27, update male uncensor to 1.3d, add MaidTuner 1.5.0.
0.9.22, 2012.08.10: Add Custom Maid 3D English UI 1.26_VO (continued). Improve status feedback during patching.
0.9.21, 2012.06.05: Add Personality A (Imouto) Story Translation and Property and Alias Translation. Add check for Texture2.vac.
0.9.20, 2012.05.05: Add support for 1.25, add UI 1.25, add launcher 1.25, update male uncensor to 1.3b
0.9.18, 2012.04.12: Update UI to 20120411, add Prologue Refined Translation
0.9.18, 2012.04.09: Update Ultimate Male Uncensor to 1.2
0.9.17, 2012.04.08: Include 3D girl uncensor by A.K
0.9.16: Includes Ultimate Male Uncensor.
0.9.15: Include SP2 translation and 1.23 launcher.
0.9.14: Include FP translation and 1.21 launcher
0.9.13: Not released
0.9.12, 2011.12.12: Update UI translation to 12122011
0.9.11, 2011.12.06: Remove official patch and plugins. Update UI translation and add support for summer disk and PP.
0.9.10, 2011.08.15: Run CM3DExtractor_.exe in Win95 compatibility mode. Update interface translation to 20110807.
0.9.9, 2011.07.14: Updated UI to 20110713.
0.9.8: Updated story to 0.3, updated UI to 20110712.
0.9.7: Includes 1.17 patch, UI by genobee and matching launcher.
0.9.6, 2011.06.03: Includes Partial Personality B (spoiled) Story Translation by The Prince of Darkness
0.9.5, 2011.05.20: Update official patch to 1.12, update interface t/l to 20110508, add new Wings plugin
0.9.4, 2011.05.06: Updated UI translation to 20110506 (includes missing translated skills), include missing birthday button screen.
0.9.3, 2011.05.01: Include missing translated skills screen, machine story translations and conversation tips.
0.9.2, 2011.04.29: Updated official patch to 1.10, launcher to 1.10 and add DLSite costumes.
0.9.1, 2011.04.20: Updated interface translation to 20110416
0.9, 2011.04.14: Update official patch and translated launcher to 1.07.
0.8.3, 2011.03.27: Attempt to better handle rare CM3DExtractor_.exe error. Refactor.
0.8.1, 2011.03.13: Updated UI to 20110312.
0.8, 2011.03.12: Include official 1.05 patch, updated UI to 20110311, changed no pubic uncensor to one with choice in char gen, add male uncensor.
0.7, 2011.03.01: Updated UI to 20110228, added 3D uncensor.
0.6, 2011.02.23: Include official 1.4 patch, update UI translation to 20110214.
0.5, 2011.02.18: Restored after site rollback

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Keiji Maeda
03-01-2011 at 01:43 PM
Is there any chance you can add the male mod to this patch?
It changes the male blue shadow to a real person, i cant do it manually.
03-01-2011 at 02:25 PM
I already have a working version with the male mod included (for personal use), but I'm undecided about including it for the public. The reason that I didn't include it, is that there may be issues with the original modder. I may include it in a later version.
Keiji Maeda
03-01-2011 at 04:37 PM
Oh poop, thank you then, hope original modder issue work out.
03-03-2011 at 12:56 PM
i love this cm3d patch ^^.
03-04-2011 at 05:10 PM
03-11-2011 at 12:16 PM
it can just be that Norton is overzealous, but...

it is telling me that it is infected by WS.Reputation.1

do you care to check?

03-11-2011 at 04:09 PM
Yes it is a false positive. Please google WS.Reputation.1 and see what you get! It's basically only Norton (crap) telling you it doesn't recognize the file. It has nothing to do with a virus. Check your settings: You should disable this feature as it will make it very hard for you to download and play h-games!
03-11-2011 at 04:21 PM
again, sorry for that. I will check this kind of thing next time. and thank you for your patience
03-11-2011 at 04:32 PM
No problem. Thanks for your reply!
03-12-2011 at 09:35 AM
Thanks for the updated patch!
Though I have encountered one problem. The one from the playroom where I choose Group then the one that does a fellatio on either the master or the other guy. When I tried to use Service on master > Lick > Ejaculate > Facial CM3D Stopped Working. I also tried it on a newly installed CM3D but got the same result. How to fix this sir?
Thank you.
03-12-2011 at 09:44 AM
Quote Originally Posted by jarakal
When I tried to use Service on master > Lick > Ejaculate > Facial CM3D Stopped Working.
Read the Important section above. Basically you save game will have to be modified before you can use it with the translated h-commands that are part of this patch.
03-12-2011 at 10:30 AM
Thanks! I tried the maid tuner and this is what I got LINK... (
Tried it on my newly installed too ==
Is there a way to uninstall aside from just deleting the folder? :|
Thank you
03-12-2011 at 10:39 AM
Thanks! I tried the maid tuner and this is what I got LINK... (
Tried it on my newly installed too ==
Is there a way to uninstall aside from just deleting the folder? :|
Thank you
It has nothing to do with your installation. It has to do with your save file(s). You have to remove the saved h-command logs from the save file before you can use the updated translations...
03-12-2011 at 10:47 AM
Yes sir, I tried to do that but this happened when i tried to do so
03-12-2011 at 10:51 AM
Then you have two options:
1. Start over
2. Apply the previous patch, load your save game, remove saved command logs, save, apply this patch, play.