• Jgirl photo battle


    1. All photos must be real Japanese girl, no anime pictures are allowed in this thread.

    2. Must use the photos from http://www.hongfire.com/cg in the idol section.

    3. Can be very sexy and hot as long as it isn't nude.

    4. All replies in this thread must have a photo and stay on topic.


    Reward is reputation points. If you like a photo that someone post, You can simply + their reputation points.
    But if you don't like someone's photo you don't have to give them - reputation point because everyone's taste would be different.

    How to:

    Go to http://www.hongfire.com/cg/showgallery.php?cat=11 and look for a photo that you think is sexier, hotter or cuter than the poster above you.

    For example I picked this one. http://www.hongfire.com/cg/showphoto...asakura&cat=11

    Then Copy the linked medium URL and past in your post.

    It will show up like this and people can click it to see the full size photo in the gallery.

    I will update the rules as we go. Remember all post in here should contain a jgirl photo from hongfire gallery.

    To enter the battle or to view the photos Go to this thread.
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    1. deadmaster21's Avatar
      deadmaster21 -
      damn hot
    1. juselitop's Avatar
      juselitop -
    1. emptybottle's Avatar
      emptybottle -
      im blinded
    1. karaonline's Avatar
      karaonline -
    1. Arkaz's Avatar
      Arkaz -
    1. Gedde's Avatar
      Gedde -
      oh wow, no need for icons...
    1. raising03's Avatar
      raising03 -
    1. DeMonBl4de's Avatar
      DeMonBl4de -
      wooooahhh baby oh OMg !!!
    1. Hunden's Avatar
      Hunden -
      My choice

    1. kenkung010's Avatar
      kenkung010 -
    1. gmanime's Avatar
    1. Jurojin's Avatar
      Jurojin -
    1. BᄂΛZΣЯӨ's Avatar
      BᄂΛZΣЯӨ -
      Good choices everyone

      Mine is so simple yet so complicated

      Note: It's just one image per person or we can rejoin after a few posts ?
    1. DMoonbear's Avatar
      DMoonbear -
      Great Job! Thanks!
    1. MauroElJedy's Avatar
      MauroElJedy -
      lo maximo... me salgo del pc...
    1. Juas's Avatar
      Juas -
      ^ Si? Y dónde vas? Hahaha
    1. D33blu3's Avatar
      D33blu3 -
      Just what we need to feel alive...
    1. kiri2589's Avatar
      kiri2589 -
      看起来不错=look like nice
    1. Chipsonng's Avatar
      Chipsonng -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jurojin View Post
      What is her name soo soo sexy
    1. oinoloth's Avatar
      oinoloth -
      Quote Originally Posted by Chipsonng View Post
      What is her name soo soo sexy
      篠崎爱 ai shinozaki
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