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    Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darō ka? gets anime

    Thread Starter: sithstormjedi

    ANN/MAL Alternative title: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru noha Machigatteiru darouka DanMachi Is It Wrong That I Want to Meet You in a Dungeon ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているのだろうか

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    Why can't I use foreign credit card on Japanese DLsite?

    Thread Starter: simon93

    I thought it does allow foreign credit card? I'm using a canadian one and this is the message i get after putting all the card information and checking out: " エラーが発生しました。 申し訳ございません。 このカードはお支払いに利用できません。他のカードをご利用下さい。" "An error has occurred. I am sorry. Is not available to pay this card....

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    Kitsune Kun

    Top 3 Greatest fears?

    Thread Starter: Kitsune Kun

    We all have our fears and sometimes most of us don't understand why. There are many types of phobia's in the world and everyone MUST have some sort of fear. regardless if it's as shameful as spiders or Llama's. So list your top 3 fears. Here are mine... 1. Heights 2. Clowns 3. Tornado's ...

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    Is HF dying?

    Thread Starter: RyviusRan

    This place seems to have died off since I last frequented it. Did this place go offline for a long period of time? I remember it being busy 5 or more years back. From 2004-2009 this place seemed fairly popular.

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    Why are YOU perverted?

    Thread Starter: tofuman80

    I'm having a weird train of thought today, anyways... I'll be blunt, I am a pervert. I'm not really proud of it, and I'm trying to cut back on the pervy thoughts, but no matter, I am a pervert. (This kinda sounds like perverts anonymous or something...>_>). I actually was never a pervert before,...

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    using paypal to buy hentai games on eng dl-site

    Thread Starter: Sindril

    since I didn't see a guide or anything around i figured you guys might not know that you can use paypal to buy h-hames trough the use of "points" which you can buy with paypal. its really easy ,at first you log into your account offcourse, and then switch the the non adult page of engl. dlsite ...

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    The glorious 3DS and WiiU thread

    Thread Starter: Juas

    Hello there members of HongFire! I've thought we could have a thread to talk about the amazing 3DS; games, applications, news and sharing friend codes! I'm gonna start with sharing my 3DS friend code: 0044-3543-7199 In other news we have to talk about the upcoming release of Bravely...

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    Grisaia no Kajitsu (Fall 2014)

    Thread Starter: sithstormjedi

    Official Site ANN/CR/MAL Slated for fall Alternative title: Le Fruit de La Grisaia Japanese: グリザイアの果実 Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Psychological Studio: 8bit

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