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    The Prince of Darkness

    Vindictus/Mabinogi Heroes Nude Mod

    Thread Starter: The Prince of Darkness

    Welcome to the forum that has all the Vindictus Ero mods you could ever need! Also, go here if you would like to join my Vindictus West server official HongFire guild- http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=235468&page=1 UPDATE: I have created an East Server guild now, for everyone on...

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    GameTrailers Is Shutting Down After 13 Years

    Thread Starter: evilkorpse

    Original article @ Gametrailers Facebook page Sad to seem them go. I remember that was my first website I went to watch gaming related stuff on the internet. It was the first place I uploaded a gameplay video on there. IIRC that's where Angry Video Game Nerd had his start there and there's...

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    ☼Midnavi☽ (Let's Plays: MK Trilogy)⌫

    Thread Starter: Midnavi

    Take a short break from Hentai and have a nostalgia trip~ Super Mario World ROM Hacks SMW Central Collab - 1 Note: This post is a direct-lift of another post (from another Forum). I will be posting every gaming video in this thread (if HF will allow me to change the threads name like the...

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    Disgaea and other NIS games on PC - Fan Rally

    Thread Starter: Zanekq

    Hey, recently somebody has created a wish on the NIS site about more PC releases. http://nisamerica.com/prams/wish.php?wid=1140 So, I though why not rally fans of Disgaea, or tactical rpg and rpgs in general to support that. There was an interview and NIS president said: "For PC, we are going...

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    free windows 10 upgrade? (advice needed)

    Thread Starter: Ferrin

    so microsoft is doing a limited time offer to upgrade my windows 7 to windows 10. is this a good idea to go with the upgrade or is w10 another left step os? clicked the "reserve copy" option for now, and i can cancel it any time up to instalation. just curious.

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    HongFire's Japanese idol of the month January 2016

    Thread Starter: Juas

    Hello there fellow members of Hongfire! Here we are again to decide Hongfire's idol of the month and this time we want you to vote your favorite idol from our January candidates! Ikumi Hisamatsu (久松 郁実) 20 Years old Measurements: 83 - 59 - 86 (cm)

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    UK election - free porn to be banned

    Thread Starter: splendidostrich

    Hello everyone. A while ago a made a blog post about plans for the Conservatives to crack down on free online porn if they win the UK election. Their plan is to require credit card checks to see any adult material in order to "protect children" from being corrupted by online pornography. I won't...

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    Countries you would like to visit

    Thread Starter: xxGODLIKExx

    I was kinda surprised when I didn't find such a thread on HongFire. Anyway, what countries would you like to visit the most, whether you would be able to or not? In my case: Japan Italy Spain Egypt And maybe France, United Kingdom, and Turkey too Just as a side note, if you'd like to...

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