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    Why are YOU perverted?

    Thread Starter: tofuman80

    I'm having a weird train of thought today, anyways... I'll be blunt, I am a pervert. I'm not really proud of it, and I'm trying to cut back on the pervy thoughts, but no matter, I am a pervert. (This kinda sounds like perverts anonymous or something...>_>). I actually was never a pervert before,...

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    The glorious 3DS and WiiU thread

    Thread Starter: Juas

    Hello there members of HongFire! I've thought we could have a thread to talk about the amazing 3DS; games, applications, news and sharing friend codes! I'm gonna start with sharing my 3DS friend code: 0044-3543-7199 In other news we have to talk about the upcoming release of Bravely...

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    wireless remote ip vibrator

    Thread Starter: paine131

    I am trying to find some kind of device that I can control from way out here an let my GF use it an active when ever I see fit

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    Which is the last manga chapter you read?

    Thread Starter: eclipsezero

    All you have to do is post which manga chapter you read last. 666 Satan, Chapter 30

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    L.M.F.T.-Lets Make Friends Thread

    Thread Starter: donkeypuncher

    I see this a lot here, people saying they dont have many friends well i thought about this and came up with a solution(smart me:grin: ).. I present to you the L.M.F.T.-lets make friends thread- its easy so lets make conversation and all.. my friendship is up for grabs:whoohoo:

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    Why can't I use foreign credit card on Japanese DLsite?

    Thread Starter: simon93

    I thought it does allow foreign credit card? I'm using a canadian one and this is the message i get after putting all the card information and checking out: " エラーが発生しました。 申し訳ございません。 このカードはお支払いに利用できません。他のカードをご利用下さい。" "An error has occurred. I am sorry. Is not available to pay this card....

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    Ideas on Voice Acting

    Thread Starter: GoddessOfFakku

    I've always had this strive to at least try voice acting at some point in life. I think it would be fun to voice act for a small game or animation for practice but I've honestly never even attempted it. Would it be a good idea to at least give it a try? I have a deep male voice and I think with a...

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    Yuma Asami (麻美ゆま)

    Thread Starter: Juas

    The apple of Japanese Adult Video’s eyes. It won’t be exaggerated if I say Yuma Asami is probably one of the most beloved and prolific JAV idols from Japan. She was so popular that in 2012, DMM (distributor of adult content in Japan) held a poll for 20000 people celebrating 30 years of adult...

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